You stand in the brisk night air on the brink of a new year, surrounded by family and friends on a street in downtown Lititz, awaiting the iconic symbol of the historic town to descend signaling the start of 2016.

The only problem is, there isn’t a symbol or a community New Year’s Eve celebration. No chocolate drop will descend in Lititz to draw the attention of CNN, Anderson Cooper, and the nation as Hershey’s iconic Kiss will do tonight.

For a town that has more than enough iconic items which it could drop (or raise) into the night sky on New Year’s Eve and a clear passion for celebration, be it for arts, crafts, or independence, there is a startling lack of festivity on the last night of the year in Lititz.

Has Lititz dropped the ball on New Year’s Eve?

While the Lititz Moravian Congregation raises a Moravian Star before Advent that remains in place for its annual Watchnight Service on New Year’s Eve, a service that has been held by the congregation every year since 1756, there is no community celebration.

Are the powers that be hesitant to host a spectacle because they are unable to decide which local item to drop?

The obvious choice for an iconic emblem would be a Wilbur Bud, since Wilbur Buds are considered a food group by Lititz residents and since the town is the site of the historic chocolate factory where the chocolate drops that pre-date the Hershey Kisses were made.

Or would a pretzel provide just the twist that Lititz needs to make in onto the media “must-see” live broadcast list? Perhaps a chocolate-covered pretzel could be a culinary compromise.

What about dropping a golden microphone from the Rock Lititz Penthouse at the General Sutter Inn in honor of those ingenious Clair Brothers, Roy and the late Gene, whose legendary sound business has enabled the world to temporarily experience hearing loss at live concerts, and whose legacy and progeny have paved a path for golden Grammy-winning stars to shop local.

Maybe the Clairs could convince some of their concert-prepping clients to belt out a few songs for the locals in Lititz as part of a New Year’s Rocking Lititz Eve celebration. The star-studded event could be capped off with the rising of a massive Moravian Star under the evening stars. After all, the star is a symbol that has drawn townsfolk together in Lititz since the 1700’s.

Tonight Taylor Swift, who has 60 million followers on Instagram, will premiere her new music video on ABC. Maybe next New Year’s Eve she could perform in Lititz. Imagine standing next year near Church Square as a larger-than-life Moravian Star created by Atomic rises to the east to the countdown of townsfolk, followed by strains of Auld Lang Syne sounding over Clair Global speakers. Pass the pretzels and the Wilbur Buds, and let’s show the world how to have a New Year’s Rocking Lititz Eve.

Happy New Year, Lititz! May you have a wonderful and safe celebration tonight, and a stellar 2016!

Correction: The original column stated that the Lititz Moravian Congregation raised a star during its Watchnight Service.  It has been corrected above to reflect the practice and timing of the star’s placement by the congregation.