Cash patrons at Giant Grocery gas pumps in Lancaster County got a surprise Monday morning when their usual routine-pull up, pump, and pay-didn’t work at the grocer’s local fuel islands.

The reason?

Giant just changed their cash gas-pumping protocol.

As of yesterday morning, Giant Grocery customers can no longer simply tap the “pay inside” button before filling up. Instead, they must now pre-pay with the cashier before pumping gas.

Bright red signs above each pump announced the new policy: “Paying with Cash? Please pre-pay at the kiosk.” Even with the signs, some drivers were unaware of the change.

Prior to the new policy, drivers intending to pay cash could press a button signaling an attendant in a booth nearby, who would authorize the pump, enabling them to fuel their vehicle, then pay cash afterwards.

A problem common to gas retailers is drive-offs, where a gas customer pulls away without paying.  The new policy in place for cash purchases at Giant pumps should prevent the drive-off problem.

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