The Lititz Borough Council is currently seeking a member of the community interested in serving as a volunteer on the planning commission, according to Karen Weibel, president of Lititz Borough Council.

“We’re desperate for somebody who wants to take on the planning commission,” said Weibel in an interview with

The position is a 4-year volunteer appointment that does not require any professional experience in planning.

The selected appointee must attend “some education sessions in order to get up to speed with what exactly the planning commission does”, according to Weibel. The committee operates under laws of the state known as the Enabling Laws.

“It’s a big learn, I will admit. It’s a lot to learn about. It takes a good year or so to get up to speed, but we have a vacancy, and we need somebody,” Weibel said. The position typically requires a few hours, possibly more on the week of their meeting or for large projects, like the Moravian Manor project that has been ongoing for over two years.

“There can be some time involved, but not everybody needs to aspire to be the chair of any of those committees,” said Weibel.

For those interested in applying for the planning commission position, the process is simple:

“Go online, or drop in downstairs at Borough Hall, get an application, fill it out, and return it,” said Weibel. “Then it goes to the personnel committee, and they will speak to whoever is chairing that committee.” Applicants are evaluated in terms of capability.

Some borough appointments are more technical than others, like planning and zoning positions.

“We have people in this community who have those skills, and they volunteer, so it’s super, ” Weibel said. “We are really, really fortunate.”

There are more than 90 people who volunteer on various committees in this borough,” said Weibel. “And that’s just borough committees, that’s not the service clubs.” Residents serve on a variety of committees that oversee facets of the community, from the Park Committee to the Historical Area Advisory Committee.

“People are highly committed, but it’s a small group of people out of the 9,200 people who live here,” she said.

For more information about the opening on the planning commission, visit the Lititz Borough website or call (717) 626-2044.