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Brain Relies on Two Timekeepers for Sleep
Both an internal "clock" and an internal "hourglass" affect how different parts of your brain respond to sleep deprivation, a new study shows.

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Sugary, High-Fat Western Diet Tied to Denser Breast Tissue
Smell Test Outperforms Brain Imaging In Predicting Dementia
Blindness Biggest Fear for Many Americans
Acupuncture May Slow Pre-Dementia Memory Loss: Study
U.S. Kids Don't Make the Grade on Heart Health
Most American children fall short of ideal heart health, a new American Heart Association scientific statement says.

Vegan Basil-Strawberry Ice Cream
Anyone who's ever had to stay away from dairy or cut back on sugar knows how hard it is to resist dessert. However, with this delicious and healthy Vegan Basil-Strawberry Ice Cream, you can enjoy a sweet treat while still taking care of your body!

Depression Can Stalk Families Through Generations
People whose parents and grandparents suffered from depression are at much higher risk of developing the illness, a new study suggests.

Fidget Your Way to a Healthier Heart
Remember all those times you were told to sit still as a kid? Well, a new study questions that advice.

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